Cancellation Policy

Dr. Stephen S. Jennings, O. D. would like his patients to be aware of his cancellation policy regarding appointments made by and between Dr. Stephen S. Jennings, O. D. and 'Patient' who has scheduled an appointment and failed to arrive for said appointment, failed to call, failed to reschedule.

Dr. Jennings and his staff remind all patients of their appointments by calling them one or two days prior and either speaking to them personally or by leaving a message on their answering machine.

Dr. Jennings allocates time during the workday for each patient according to the eye examination to be preformed and the extent of the examination that needs to be preformed.

Failure to appear (show up) for an appointment will incur charges according to the scheduled type of Office Visit you made.

If you call Dr. Jennings by 5 o'clock pm (before closing) of the day prior to your appointment no charges will incur.

You will not be charged for the missed office visit if you call to cancel AND reschedule within 30 days and keep the new appointment. This, of course, applies to any emergency you may have the day of the appointment by asking you to call within 30 days to reschedule your appointment.

An appointment is a legally binding contract between the service provider and the client.

Thank you for understanding.

Please feel free to call us at 804-262-5142 or 804-730-4171 or use our EMAIL: [email protected]  to let us know when you need to cancel and reschedule an appointment.

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