About Dr. Jennings

About Dr. Stephen S. Jennings, O. D.

Hello, my name is Dr. Stephen S. Jennings and I am an Eye Doctor. May I please introduce myself to you and let you know how I got to be aDoctor of Optometry.

Born in Richmond in 1954, I graduated from Hermitage High School in 1972. I attended the University of Richmond for two years, and received both a B. S. and O. D. degrees from Indiana University.

In June 1979 I started my practice in the Lakeside Medical Center in Richmond, Va. I also was affiliated on a part time basis with the Optometry Clinic at Ft. Lee, VA. - being the first civilian optometrist selected to join the clinic. Other affiliations included the McGuire Clinic and The Virginia Eye Institute before devoting my time fully to the Lakeside practice.

In August 1995 the practice was expanded to include the Atlee location (now at the Hilltop Medical Professional Building) after the purchase of the former practice of Dr. Barry Lebowitz. This Mechanicsville (Hanover) location currently serves the public in the Atlee US 301 corridor and surrounding areas which includes two high schools and several elementary and middle schools and a growing suburban community.

Giving my patients personal attention and an eye doctor's care gives me the satisfaction of knowing my patients are receiving the care and time they deserve, something that is not always possible in a large clinical environment. Our courteous and efficient staff are always prepared to treat all patients needs on an individual basis as well as providing Excellent customer service.


Richmond Optometric Society

Virginia Optometric Association

American Optometric Association

Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry

Thank You for giving me the opportunity to be your Eye Doctor.