We provide complete optometry services to the whole family. We recommend an eye exam for your child before they start school or about the age of 4 years. We strongly support the American Optometric Associations' recommendation that everyone get an eye exam yearly.

Your eyes tell us of other health problems you may have that you may be completely unaware of. With an eye exam, early detection is possible enabling you to be informed saving your life.

An eye exam with a Doctor of Optometry will keep you informed of the latest research, tools and technologies of recent diagnosis discoveries and equipment plus Dr. Jennings will be able to prescribe medications necessary to get your eyes healthy and back to your best possible vision. Dr. Stephen S. Jennings, O. D. your vision care professional since 1979. 

Our Services Include:

  • Eye examinations,
  • Diagnosis and treatment of ocular disease and injury,
  • Extensive Glaucoma exam - read all about our GDxVCC diagnostic machine(PDF brochure) located at our Lakeside Office.
  •  Complete contact lens services,
  •  Co-management for laser and cataract surgeries, ARTICLE: What to expect with Cataract Surgery
  •  Sports vision and frame styling to compliment any life style.

For Frames, Lenses for glasses see our Vision Products page

Time for your Yearly Eye Exam?

We have put our New or Renewing Patient Forms Online for you to Print.

        We participate with various vision care and medical insurance plans such as Anthem, CIGNA, Coventry/Southern Health, Medicare, United Healthcare, Humana/VCP, and VSP. However, with some of these plans our participation is limited to medical conditions only such as eye infections, eye injuries, and diseases including dry eyes. Diabetics are also covered for their annual eye exams under these insurances.

Consumer Guide to Vision Insurance         Patients are responsible for meeting their co-pays and deductibles. Sometimes a referral may be required so please check with your insurance company. We will try to help you with this or other insurance questions, but we cannot know everything about your insurance. We will also help you file for routine eye care reimbursements if you have Blue View or Davis Vision or any other reimbursement plans that we do not accept as payment in full. We also offer a 20% frame discount for these plans since you are paying us directly. Remember to bring any special paperwork your insurance company requires with you.

        We’re also willing to fill out forms for reimbursement plans. If you have any further questions you may contact our office for assistance.

        Types of Payment Accepted: We accept cash, personal checks, MasterCard, and Visa & Discover.