Eye Examination

Your EYES are in constant use all day long and even when you sleep your dreams make your eyes and eyelids move.

Vision care should be number One in importance for you, your spouse, your children, your parents and all your friends. Yet, sadly, that is often not the case. We wait until we have cloudy or blurred vision or 'floaters' in our eyes. We wait until we just can't wait any longer and the reasoning behind the waiting is usually 'no time for an eye exam', 'it might hurt', 'I won't look good in glasses', 'I can't afford to see the doctor or pay for glasses'. The later is our favorite because here at Dr. Stephen S. Jennings, O. D. we will work with you on payments, forms and insurance, or no insurance discounts.

We have our Patient Forms online for you to Print, Fill Out & Bring into our office when you come for your appointment. This saves you and Dr. Jennings time and enables him to diagnose your eye problems faster and more thoroughly. We appreciate your valuable time so filling out this 2 page form at home and bringing it with you will allow Dr. Jennings time to ask you other questions regarding the answers you have provided. Thank you for filling out this form ahead of time!

We want you to get your Vision checked Yearly and here's why:

Key Benefits

  • Your health & safety depend on your good vision.
  • You will relieve your eyestrain helping to prevent headaches.
  • You may be surprised to learn of other health problems we can detect by looking at your eyes, thereby alerting you and averting or catching a health risk before it becomes a serious problem.
  • Families sometimes have similar health problems and that certainly applies to Glaucoma. A Yearly checkup will catch this serious eye disease and be able to prescribe medication plus monitor your eyes.

GLAUCOMA: normal testing for this eye disease involves eye drops which dilate your eyes. Sometimes this liquid is uncomfortable plus it usually takes about 30 to 40 minutes before your iris gets back to its normal size. We always ask if you are allergic or are ok with the drops which are necessary to truly see into your eyes to make this important test.

GLAUCOMA TESTING with the GDxVCC MACHINE: Located in our Lakeside office is the newest technology in glaucoma testing that not only does a much better job in detecting glaucoma and other eye problems, it is non-invasive....does not hurt, no dilation. Fees: Please call the office. Patients without insurance will get a discount.

Read all about this amazing machine: GDxVCC Patient Brochure

Glaucoma - What You Should Know - Dr. Jennings, O. D.